Quickly and easily design loopfields for multiple zone, multiple heat pump geothermal systems from anywhere.



Accurate Repeatable Results

Design with confidence using the only software built on the calculation methods outlined in the 2011 IGSHPA Residential/Light Commercial Design Manual.

Accurate and Repeatable
Multi-Zone/Multi-Heat Pump Designs

Multi-Zone/Multi-Heat Pump Designs

Take on bigger residential projects than ever before with the only residential software that allows up to 10 zones with any number of heat pumps per zone.

Detailed Economic Analysis

Accurate cost estimates are just as important as getting the design right which is why we provide a comprehensive set of economic evaluation tools enabling you highlight:

  • Simple Payback
  • Accrued 30 Year Savings
  • Ownership Cost Breakdown
  • Operating Cost Comparisons
Professional Reports

Professional Reports

Present your customers with professionally designed reports that take seconds to generate and can be saved, emailed or printed with the click of a button.

Support From Experts

Everyone that uses our software has access to the Dandelion Energy support team of experienced system designers and engineers at no extra charge.

Service From Experts


LoopLink is designed, built and maintained by Dandelion Energy. The unbiased physics based models are designed and optimized for accurate dependable results that reflect years of engineering and design experience. Take a look at how LoopLink stacks up to the leading alternative.

Category Feature LoopLink Leading Alternative
Zones Multiple Zone Support
Multiple Heat Pumps per Zone
Load Estimator
Hot Water Generation
GHEX Design Multiple Loopfield Design Comparison
Vertically Bored limited
Horizontally Bored limited
Horizontally Trenched (Slinky) limited
Horizontally Trenched (Straight Pipe) limited
Horizontally Trenched (Racetrack) limited
Pond Loop
Fixed Length Mode
Advanced GHEX Design Parameters
Versioning/Updates Up-To-Date Weather Data
Up-To-Date Equipment Data
Realtime Updates
Free Updates
Customer Support In-Context Help
Live Tech Support
Access to Dandelion Energy' Designers
Economics Cost of Ownership Analysis
Operating Cost Analysis
Simple Payback Calculator
CO2 Emissions Calculator
Reports Comprehensive Design Reports limited
Accessibility Platform Independent (Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android)
Anywhere/Anytime Software Access
Cross Referenced w/ IGSHPA Design Manual


You will love our online model because there is nothing to install, upgrade or configure. No license keys. No dongles. Just sign in from any internet connected device and get to work.

Always Up-To-Date

Always Up-To-DateAlways Up-To-Date

New features, new equipment, catalog updates and other improvements appear without any action or extra cost to you. Every time you log in, you are working in the most up-to-date version available.

Ready Where You AreReady Where You Are

Log in from your desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone to access all of your projects and the most up-to-date version. Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, OS X... it doesn't matter. As long as you are using a modern browser you can use LoopLink.

Ready Where You Are


With read-only access to your projects, support staff can quickly work through problems with you. If you find a bug, our support staff will pass it off to our development team and in most cases, a fix will be found, tested and released to our servers within hours not months.

Peace of MindPeace of Mind

Your projects are backed up in multiple data-centers on redundant drives throughout the U.S. because when hard drives fail, tornados hit or offices get broken into, it is nice to know that when you put the pieces back together, there are some parts of your life that will just be there for you.

Peace of Mind